SoftBank and Aeris collaborate over expanding IoT and Telematics Business Globally

With an aim to provide IoT and telematics services at a global level, SoftBank Corp, a global technology player supporting disruptive entrepreneurs and Aeris, one of the largest IoT service providers in the world, have established a joint venture in Japan, which would be known as Japan K.K. The services will be provided using Aeris® IoT solutions platform.

The Aeris IoT solutions platform is a comprehensive, end-to-end and proven set of key technologies that enable enterprises to bring IoT solutions to market quickly, cost-efficiently and with the highest security. With more than 7.5 million devices under its management, Aeris is one of the largest IoT service providers in the world and processes more than one billion transactions per day.

Amongst the various platforms provided by the company are AerPort™ connectivity management platform, AerCloud™ applications enablement platform, AerCore™ IoT network and AerVoyance™ IoT analytics platform. Aeris delivers end-to-end IoT technology platforms, enabling faster time-to-market for enterprises. Hundreds of enterprises rely on Aeris every day to power their mission-critical IoT deployments.

This collaboration brings an opportunity for Aeris to expand its business in Japan and beyond, including India, Europe and United States. It shall cover multiple market segments and offer a variety of services ranging from IoT connectivity platform to IoT application middleware to a wide range of market segments including telematics in the automotive industry.

“With the high quality of technology and business platform that Aeris and SoftBank have in IoT domain, we will develop and offer the services through Aeris Japan to meet customers’ needs that are growing in its variety and in its quality. By having Aeris as our partner, we are excited to create the world where everything is connected with the offer of best and flexible solutions to multiple business areas,” said Hiroshi Akabori, COO, Aeris Japan, and vice president, SoftBank.

The headquarters for Aeris Japan will be based in Higashi-Shimbashi Minato-ku, Tokyo and would be led by executives from SoftBank and Aeris including Hiroshi Akabori, COO, and Raj Kanaya, CEO, respectively.

Raj Kanaya, CEO, Aeris Japan, and chief marketing officer and managing director, automotive, Aeris believes that the combination of SoftBank and Aeris would offer a compelling value proposition to automotive OEMs and other enterprises that seek to build profitable IoT and telematics businesses. “Working closely with SoftBank, we look forward to building Aeris Japan into an IoT market leader,” he added.


Further commenting on the deal, Dr. Rishi Bhatnagar, president, Aeris India said “Aeris in India is enabling telecom operators and enterprises to jumpstart Internet of Things services through an integrated end-to-end IoT solution that covers key components, such as IoT platform, vertical applications and a robust IoT ecosystem. The cementing of business relationships with Aeris and SoftBank as a joint venture in Japan brings huge possibilities of collaboration in the IoT space on the Indian shores.”

By 2024, IoT would account for one quarter of the global 41 million 5G connections, of which Japan and Korea will lead the charge. In the Asia-Pacific region, Japan would lead the market growth for industrial IoT and is expected to be worth $54 billion by 2020. Looking at the promising numbers, the deal comes as a right decision by both the companies at the right time.   



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