10 reasons why IoT is rising today?

With its own interesting timeline dating back to a few decades, internet has traversed a long way since then. Being restricted to PCs and laptops in its initial stages to the experimental devices such as internet toaster years later to the present day where every possible thing is connected to the internet- it has had a long and interesting journey.

The escalation in the era of IoT was dramatically witnessed in the years around 2010 when internet connections started to pick up exponentially and machines and things began to take over the manual mode of working. If we consider the huge numbers that the IoT industry is being linked to, it’s evident that the industry is definitely rising today. But what has led to its drastic rise in today’s date? This article brings to you 10 most probable reasons why IoT is witnessing a surge like never before!

1. The mobile age:

Proving to be a turning point in the way people stayed connected, an outpouring in the number of mobile phones, gave a big reason for the internet to flourish. It came as a big hope for everybody from companies to retailers to many others as a mean to reach out to more people and what better way than internet to fulfil this aim? Especially with the customer facing companies, internet facilitated in mobile phones came in as a big trendsetter.

2. Internet- ‘ifying’ business strategies:

Yes, we mean the era of e-commerce. Soon the era of internet took a critical turn as the consumers were lured to e-commerce platforms where they could browse at their ease and convenience through phones and desktops. This brought a rise of the internet APIs and various ventures such as eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and many more witnessed the internet revolution. That’s not all, companies also needed to think about strategies to keep up the business viable and that’s where internet came to picture.

3. Increase in the data generated:

Whether internet led to increased data or data led to an organized internet, is still widely debated but internet was sure a necessity to keep all the huge amount of data that had begun to be generated, handier and easily accessible.

4. Drop in cost of services:

This hands down have to be the biggest reasons for the way we see internet today. IoT would not be the way it is, if not for a fall in the cost of components and services which led it to be an economic player of this scale. The prices of the components and the services have dropped reasonably leading to an increased penetration of the users who can avail it.

5. Development of user friendly tools and easy programming:

With the way coding has been developed over the years, and user friendly tools being presented to its customers, the reach and usability of the devices with internet, whether smartphones or iPad, has witnessed an observable rise.

6. Rise in IoT enthusiasts:

People and the communities with an increased zeal in the area of connected things has drastically increased over the decade and they are in a constant look out for making the tools, tutorials and software available to more people. Today more than 5000 Github repositories are available with the keyword “IoT”.

7. Increase in cloud based services:

Cloud based applications has given a reason for the startups in IoT to flourish. Ensuring a network connectivity, affordability and ease in communication for enterprises and consumers, there has been an increase in cloud based services and the IoT trend has been rightfully fulfilling so.

8. Upsurge in tech friendly ‘things’:

Off late, there has been an undefying obsession with the technology such as the connected cars, the self-driving cars, smart cities or the talking robots. And who in turn gets to full fill those? Of course – our very own ‘Internet of things’.

9. More stress to security:

One of the key drivers for internet to be the favourites of the masses and doing so well, is favoured network security. With a huge repository of data under its belt, assuring security becomes mandatory and that again has called in for more users relying on the internet.

10. Increased dependability in industries:

Whether traffic management, waste management, smart water systems or more, the concept of internet of things has indulged itself deeply into various important industrial roles. Given the increased customer expectations in every domain, internet of things has come as a major rescue.



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