SK Telecom, Intel collaborate to expand WebRTC into the IoT market

SK Telecom, a South Korean wireless telecommunications operator, recently announced plans to collaborate with Intel, the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker, to expand the ecosystem of WebRTC into the IoT market. The two companies, SK Telecom and Intel have collaborated to develop IoT devices which can enable one-click order.

SK Telecom and Intel signed an MOU agreement as part of their collaboration and agreed to kick off a joint R&D to optimize and expand WebRTC technology on Intel architecture and vitalize its ecosystem for global makers and developers.

The two organizations plan to develop a WebRTC technology operated on the Intel Edison board, to make real-time communication possible in all devices. In order to achieve this, they would be expanding the limitations of WebRTC which is only being run through web browsers, Android, and iOS to Embedded OS-based IoT devices.

SK Telecom and Intel will also provide WebRTC SDK (Software Developer Kit) for Intel architecture to device producers and developers and continue to together invigorate the ecosystem for developing WebRTC-based IoT devices.

This endeavor by the two organization aims at providing real-time communication capabilities in all connected devices including web, app, IoT. They plan to supply IoT devices for easy order to a couple of companies viz Korea Yakurut and Dongdaemoon Fashion Town and have plans to be adopted in a Chinese education service, Pandarin

“We’re expecting PlayRTC will be utilized as an innovative tool across industries such as O2O, Commerce, Toy and Smart Factory,” said SK Telecom exec TBD. “SK Telecom will continue to collaborate with developers, start ups and entrepreneurs to provide enhanced experience in mobile phone communication and extend use of IoT devices”

“Innovations and optimizations in software allow end users to benefit from the maximum performance Intel technologies offer,” said Michael Greene, Vice President, Intel’s Software and Services Group,  General Manager, System Technologies and Optimization. “Intel’s efforts with SK Telecom to optimize WebRTC technology for Intel architecture will enable development of new IoT solutions that can utilize real-time communication capabilities.”



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