Diving into the future of IoT

Looking at these predictions, it is not be wrong to say that the IoT space is going to boom in the coming future. However, looking at these estimations leaves us with a few questions in mind. How is ioT going to benefit us? What does IoT has in store? Is the future of IoT going to have a big impact on how we live? If you want to get an answer to any of these questions, go ahead and read the post.

What Is IoT?

Let us first understand what IoT is. In simple terms, IoT is a technology that helps to simplify life by allowing everyday objects with the ability to send and receive data using internet and a sensor. Such devices have now become very common in everyday lives and people are getting used to them. An example of the same will be a smart watch that tracks your heart rate, distance walked, etc.

The walk from Industrial to Consumer

Most of us relate IoT devices with consumer products. However, this is not always the case. The concept of IoT began initially and more importantly for enterprise solutions, which is still a very big but comparatively a lesser known part of IoT. IIC or Industrial Internet Consortium was created by AT&T, GE, Cisco, IMB and Intel that has been pushing new ideas in the enterprise area since two years. IIC aims to coordinate the structure and foundation of the industrial internet as a non-profit consortium. IIC has helped in the materialization of a wide range of connected sensors that collect data in an industrial setting since its inception. However, we are still not clear as to how this affects enterprise mobility? Let’s discuss that now…

Enterprise Mobility

Most companies were earlier using enterprise mobility in the context of messaging and collaboration earlier. However, with time the capabilities have developed and we are watching an enhanced demand for software that supports apps. There is an incursion of opportunities in enterprise app development and it has a scope of benefitting for the developers. Well positioned app developers can unlock valuable sensor and asset data to bring innovative products that can change the way things are handled for better.

Better association means enhanced growth

It can be interpreted that IoT will allow businesses to leverage mobile workforce by staying connected to key systems and assets throughout the world. Enterprises get the advantage of better connectivity via sensors, internet and smart machinery by reducing downtime and gaining more insight into the working. This will help enhance the services and products and it automatically implies better growth opportunities.

What IoT has in store?

Rapid Evolution: It is expected that in the coming years, IoT space will evolve at a rapid pace. Several experts believe that IoT products will become more small, cheap and fast. It will not be wrong if we say that in future, we can even ingest the IoT products and even ember them in our bodies. Really? Yes… The Apple’s watch is expected to be a completely different device over the coming years. This means that IoT app developers need to keep themselves abreast with the latest in the field but also foresee future and adapt to changes in advance.

Our life will be affected: With the improvement in obtrusive wearables, where the technological component is completely disguised, our life will be affected in every which way. “Biometric sensors will be included in 40% of smart phones shipped to the end user by next year.” says Gartner. This means that there are still ample opportunities in this segment.



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