Top 10 Home Automation Start-ups in India

With IoT emerging, India is in a stage where consumers are becoming aware about the Internet of Things and how it can bring benefits to them. Home automation has been one such segment in connected devices market which is receiving a nod from Indian consumers. Home automation systems allow its user to automate the processes like turning on the AC, dimming lights, managing entrance gate and so on, at the fingertips of the consumer.

With home automation setting on a growth path, quite a few of Indian start-ups have entered to freeze this opportunity. IoT India Magazine brings you the list of ‘Top 10 Home Automation Start-ups in India’ who are all set to change the way we live our lives.


Home Brain

Incepted in 2015, Gurgaon-based Home Brain is the brainchild of NetWorld Inc, a leading IT enabled automation consulting, designing and integration company. The growing importance and demand of IOT (Internet of Things) has brought company envisage the process of home-brain-with-logoAutomation in India.  The company acts as System Integrator helping Housing, Commercial or Industrial project by integrating the following solution all under one platform of Automation.

  1. a) Security & Surveillance – (Real time Data support covering CCTV /Doo Access /  VDP / Intrusion alarm / Fire  Alarm / Gas Leakage  / Smoke Detection)
  2. b) Climate Control – (Controlling HVAC / Chiller/ Air-conditioning – Split & Window & Energy Management)
  3. c) Appliance Management – (Controlling Appliance like Washing Machine / Electric Kettle / Micro Oven / Coffee & Pop Corn Maker & much more).
  4. d) Lighting Control – (RGB / Mood lighting & Time Based Drape Control & Party Solutions)
  5. e) Entertainment Control – (Complete Audio / Video device Control remotely)
  6. f) Gardening Solution – (Controlling of Sprinklers / Lights / BGM & other motors etc)

The approach towards designing the solution helps its client save Energy, Low maintenance cost, increased life of equipment’s, safety & security, Comfort and its very user friendly.   The company goes a step beyond Automation and brings Networking, IT & Solar solution into automation platform providing such vast services all under one roof.


Inoho is a Bangalore based startup that is changing the perception of smart homes. It is moving smart homes from an expensive hassle to an affordable , enjoyable conveninohoience. With inoho, you can control your lights, fans, geysers, ACs from your smartphone; even when you are not at home. You can also set schedules on any device.

The good thing about Inoho is that it does not require rewiring or alterations to the interior decor. In fact, it is typically installed after the house is complete. Inoho is also piloting video and door lock integration. So you can see who is outside your door and open the door for them, and monitor your home as well.

Inoho was founded by Deep, Deepankar and Gagandeep. Deep is an IIT Guwahati alum with hordes of tech startup experience. Deepankar is an IIT Guwahati, IIM Ahmadabad alum with a strategy consulting background. Gagan graduated from Nirma University and brings many years of sales experience.


klickH is a Home Automation company based out of Hyderabad with a background from the semiconductor industry. klickH started the R&D of the home automation products in 2012 and today after years of product testing across India are working with tier 1 builders. klickH products are manufactured in India and are affordable to the middle class families. Their vision is to make home automation a commodity for every home by 2017. klich

Their range of products include a combination of control and security. Controls include intelligence for lights, air-conditioners and geysers, while security products cover advance intimation of calamities like fire, theft and children/elderly monitoring. Advanced controls like multi room audio, AV and lock integration is enabled via 3rd party products as well.

The solution provides an easy way of being aware of the house via simple Alerts to your smartphone informing of its current state including energy consumption.

klickH products are aimed at 1 day installation turn around times, making it cheaper for mass deployment using semi skilled personnel.


Metagan Technologies Pvt Ltd

Inspired by the premium art of living, Metagan is a growth stage company working on providing modular IoT solutions to consumers & businesses by reinventing the hardware & software platforms for IoT by leveraging native patented technologies & breakthrough open-source technologies. The aim of Metagan Technologies is to provide simple, secure & standard automation solutions to the world.metagan

Metagan addresses the key issues in the following categories of industries:

  1. Security & Home Automation
  2. Industrial Automation
  3. Smart City Automation
  4. Healthcare Automation
  5. Agriculture Automation and
  6. Vehicle Automation



Oakter’s basic premise is to use home automation which makes sense for Indian conditions and actually elevates life in Indian homes. Oakter manufactures products which add smartness to existing home appliances like AC, water-pump, geyser, door-lock, lamp, room heater, rice oaktercooker etc. Their products are smart plugs, smart lock and plugged in sensors which provide plug and play solution to provide connectivity to existing home appliances. The most popular use cases for Oakter are :

  1. Geyser: Set daily on-off schedule this saves energy and ensures that you wake up to a hot shower.
  2. AC :   Switch on the AC before coming home, set smart-schedules during night time to avoid over-chilling and save energy.
  3. Door Lock : Unlock the door using mobile app to avoid hassle of carrying keys, also remotely provide access to guests
  4. Water Pump : Set schedule for motor as per utility water supply.

Oakter products follow LEGO like modular approach to smart homes, it offers it consumers a way to start experiencing automation at a very low cost and then build up on it as and when they like, one step at a time.



all-pert-productsPert is the next generation home automation innovation that lets you control your home from your smartphone. It gives you that extra comfort and luxury without spending a bomb on it.

A smart home has the ability to fully adapt to its environment, letting you to be in full command of its functioning, wherever you are. Their intelligent and user friendly Pert app will help you seamlessly integrate our home automation system with your smartphone, giving you complete control of your home.

Pert devices are designed to seamlessly adapt to your living and working environment, allowing you to monitor and manage the same from your phone, in a comfortable and convenient fashion. While many smart home technologies require a centralized controller to manage all its products, Pert smart devices directly connect with your smartphone, completely eliminating the need of a controller or hub. With features like time scheduled events, the Pert app can help you carry out routine tasks which otherwise would be time consuming.


presskit-image-1PicoStone gives its users a complete control of their electrical devices at their fingertips and also helps them save their energy usage. PicoStone’s product ‘butler’ controls your smart home devices for you. The features and services offered by the butler are very synonymous with its name. Though in a very nascent stage, the roadmap for its development is really broad.

Basic – The Basic is like an extended limb to the butler that controls your tube lights, LEDs, dimmers and fans. PicoStone has optimized the device design to be able to fit into the existing home architecture without you having to take the pain of rewiring and digging a hole in your pockets.

Polar – The polar a small plug like device which lets you control your Air conditioner, TV and set up box. The operations of polar coupled with the Butler’s artificial intelligence will help you use your ACs optimally. Another feature is the location based operations, wherein the butler operates your AC based on your GPS location to give you an amazing automation experience.


Silvan Innovation Labs

silvan-wirelss-1Bengaluru-based home-automation products and solutions firm Silvan Innovation Labs was launched in 2008. Silvan’s approach towards consumer products has been ease of use, ease of installation and enabling affordable point solutions which can be aggregated into a unified solution as per the needs of the home owner.  Carefully comprehending the lifestyle needs of Indian home owners, Silvan’s range of products are designed to address their lifestyle and security needs. The products enable users to experience modern age lifestyle by controlling all the appliances like lights, fans, AC, Curtains etc. using and Smartphone, secure their homes against burglaries and safety events like LPG gas leakage, and enable them to see who is at the door and talk to them using their smart device from anywhere in the world.

The company is one of the first Indian startups to integrate Amazon Echo into their product, thereby enabling voice control for its products. As part of its consumer strategy, Silvan has distributors all over India and has presence in 25 retails stores across Bangalore, Delhi-NCR, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Surat and Vijawada. Recently, the company also ventured into the retail market with several wireless consumer products for retrofit homes.


sharpnodeSharpNode is a developer of products and solutions based on Internet of Things (IoT). The startup is resolving technology based problems faced by Indian homes/offices. The firm aims at building its business by delivering effective solutions based on innovative technologies and solutions.

It has a Home automation and security based product which allows users to control and monitor lights, fans, geyser, ACs etc. from a Smartphone App and  a web page from anywhere in the world. You can simply switch on your home lights in the evening when you away from the home or at vacations and also switch off lights in the morning from your smartphone so as to save energy. In Spite of waiting for AC to cool down your place and passing your time with exhausting heat you can simply switch on your AC before stepping into your place.  Even in case of internet failure it works locally without changing your configuration.

TheSharpNode home solution eliminates the problem of security through providing the motion sensors which will let you know about the unwanted intrusion in your place and notify user through SMS and email notifications. SharpNode will help you guard your prominent home without putting the security guards on your home. The Device provide real time camera streaming on-demand [Add-on]. The Device also provide temperature and humidity reading of the home.


Thasmai Automation

thasmaiThasmai Automation, an automation and theater integrator started in 2011. It aims to make smart homes a common place for the Indian middle-class. Thasmai started off as Home Guard Systems in August 2010 focusing on home security (mainly intrusion systems). Noticing the linked demand for CCTV, fire alarm, PA and access attendance from initial clients, they ventured into these business lines as well to provide a more holistic solution offering.

Foreseeing an opportunity in home automation, the team has tied -up with technically superior global players like Crabtree, Philips, Honeywell, Harman as their partners. The next big insight was the explosion of the Home theater scene in India, so utilizing the opportunity the company  has tied-up with Harman putting up a top-class Home Automation and Theater experience demo across four branches in Bangalore and one in Mysore. They have also set up the largest Home Theater demo experience in HSR layout in Bangalore to showcase the best in Home theater technology.



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