Boltt Founders: Aayushi Kishore and Arnav Kishore

What does Boltt know that other wearable tech don’t?

Boltt, a sports-tech start-up is gearing up to bring wearable and artificial intelligence products with an aim to change the face of global health and wellness industry. With a combination of fashion, technology and interactive capabilities, Boltt is setting a new trend in the sports industry.

A brainchild of Arnav Kishore and Aayushi Kishore, Boltt is an ambitious endeavour offering exclusive products.  These are —  innovative wearables such as Smart Shoe and Smart Bands, advanced sensor technology developed in partnership with Garmin, a world pioneer in wearable technology & sensors, and AI virtual coaching on health and fitness.

Eying to convert the large chunks of data into valuable insights, the interactive app uses statistics and data captured from the connected devices, in the most useful way for better training and running decisions. It also provides coaching on lifestyle aspects such as physical activity, nutrition, and sleep.

To cash on the rising interest in wearable tech, IoT India Magazine interacted with the founders to find out more about this sports tech start-up. In a candid chat with IoT India Magazine, the founders tell us about the Virtual Boltt coach “B”, the challenges it faced as a start-up, their growth story and how their fitness wearables are a notch above the rest.


IoT India Magazine: How does Bolt stand out from others in the wearable industry particularly those in India?

Arnav: While there is enthusiasm and an equal amount of data (if not more), thanks to the advent of wearables, there isn’t enough inference. Consumers usually are not experts in nutrition, fitness activity, sports, and wellness and hence deciphering the data most wearables track becomes a challenge. There are dieticians and fitness coach/guide subscriptions available with a lot of fitness bands/trackers, but that is human as well as time-bound, meaning additional investment from the consumer. There is an urgent need for a holistic solution.

Boltt is a ‘sports tech-brand’ that is developing next generation consumer-centric solutions for personal health & fitness.

Other competitors in the Wearable Tech Space are only innovating on hardware. There is no powerful digital experience that supports the hardware. Most people dump their wearables within weeks of using them, simply because they do not know what to do with the data. Boltt is innovating an AI health Assistant along with the wearables; that will give actionable insights, and go beyond just tracking the data.


IoT India Magazine:  What were the major challenges you faced being in the start-up space in wearables?


Aayushi: The Journey to achieve better health and fitness is never easy. There are numerous challenges faced in this ever-growing space. Our mission was to create a powerful AI health assistant that would guide users to a better lifestyle, by giving them actionable feedback on training, sleep, nutrition and activity. Creating this AI assistant was like giving birth to a personality.

The scalability and application of this is massive.

This entire development process was one of the hardest challenges.  But also, something, that clearly differentiates us from the market.


IoT India Magazine: How is Boltt utilizing AI?

Arnav: Boltt fitness wearables have notched up in technological innovation by introducing AI enabled products. We have done away with fragmented fitness solutions and are introducing intuitive ‘connected solutions.’ Artificial Intelligence is the next step across segments; every day we see some tech giants indulging in this area which has a lot to offer, and a wide ambit is still left unexplored. We have thereby put in efforts to discover the capabilities of AI technology, and its magnanimity.

The industry today is cluttered with many wearable fitness brands which have been lacking in offering any personalized coaching. Boltt AI technology manoeuvres over individualistic data. Our AI coach not only processes large chunks of data but also gives a better, personalized fitness regime.

At Boltt, we are trying to build an artificial mind to solve the algorithm and come up with the best-suited solutions. Personalized consultation with users is a unique fitness solution in an offering. All of this is automated and does not involve human intervention. Such a customization helps one achieve better results from the fitness regime.


IoT India Magazine: How has been the growth story so far?

Arnav: Boltt is here to usher in a new era of ‘The Connected Life’ at the core of which are smart products that do all the work for the user. All the user needs to do is wear them and their life will never be the same again.

It has been a very exciting journey so far.  We have exhibited at various global tech platforms and have received great feedback.

We have also been interacting with industry and technology influencers, showing them our products and getting great validation. We are now preparing a strong launch and go-to market strategy. We will be launching at CES, in Jan 2017.

And shortly after that we will be opening for Pre-Orders, on the most popular and credible international Pre-Order platform called Kickstarter.  We have already aligned channel partners for distribution in India and abroad, and will be available for commercial sale, towards the end of the 1st quarter 2017.


IoT India Magazine: Would you like to tell us about the Explorer Campaign #MyBolttPass?

Aayushi: Boltt is all geared up to help you identify a new version of ‘You,’ with the launch of the Global Explorer Campaign, #MyBolttPass

The campaign is a call out to all enthusiastic, determined, strong-willed fitness souls who make an effort to build a perfect lifestyle. The campaign unveils with the #MyBolttMove initiative which invites everyone to share their endeavour to a healthy lifestyle and avail advanced AI enabled Boltt products.

One can share their fitness stories which demonstrate unrelenting spirit towards healthier living and get a chance to win the Boltt passes to own Boltt Products for FREE. The smart kit includes Boltt smart shoes, smart band and a free subscription to an AI-powered mobile app.


IoT India Magazine: Would you like to add anything?


Arnav: Boltt today has aboard a set of influencers and advisers ranging from Marathoners, Tri-Athletes, Data Scientists, world renowned Bio kineticists, Nutritionists and Sleep Experts from across the globe, who are helping to achieve the ambitious mission at hand.

The launch and marketing efforts are gearing up towards a commercial UNVEIL in the next 55 days.

There will be a focus on building a strong community and creating a lot of buzz through Mainstream Press, Social Media, Keynote Events, Tech Blog Roadshows & H&F Expert Meets.

We have showcased our products through international ‘Tech Innovation’ platforms like the Pirate Summit and Tech Disrupt etc.

The commercial launch will take place later this year, in “batches,” in close to 13 countries, through the primary channels of sales.



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