10 IoT Platforms and Frameworks from India “connecting” the world

While IoT has been turning our heads in terms of variety and number of devices it has connected and the various fields that it has been used in, the technological and the engineering aspect that keep the “things” connected is the IoT platform.

Now, that IoT has become a mainstream technology and has significantly advanced the lifestyle of modern societies, let’s know a little more about the base behind it- the IoT platforms. It connects the data network to sensor arrangement and then uses backend applications to make sense of the data generated and provide meaningful insights.

While a lot of big names such as Google, GE, IBM, Amazon have their own IoT platforms, there are hundreds of other companies and startups who are venturing out in this space. We explored IoT platforms from India and have compiled a list of 10 IoT Platforms and Frameworks (in alphabetical order) making the headlines. Have a fun read!

1. Altiux:


With a major focus on IoT, Altiux’s software and services portfolio encompasses a whole lot of IoT systems such as edge nodes, gateways, IoT platform and data analytics solutions. It can be leveraged by Semiconductor companies, OEMs and system integrators to develop highly differentiated products for the connected world for accelerating design, development and deployment of cutting edge IoT solutions.

Founded in 2013 by Vedantam and Sunil Motaparti, the company’s platform allows companies to connect wireless and legal devices and develop web and mobile applications and forms one of the main components of the IoT toolkit that Altiux is developing.   

2. Altizon:


Founded in April 2013, by Vinay Nathan, Yogesh Kulkarni and Ranjit Nair and headquartered in Pune, Altizon is the world’s first Industrial Internet Platform Company focused on making Enterprises Internet of Things (IoT) ready.

The Datonis IoT Platform, available both in a SaaS as well as in a Hosted model, helps in building IoT product in weeks by providing device connectivity kits, a device management layer, a highly-scalable, real-time, big-data analytics engine and alerting and monitoring services.

Datonis easily integrates with the existing IT systems to provide a seamless transition between your IoT devices and your IT infrastructure management tools. They work with enterprises from Manufacturing and Cleantech sector.

3. Axelta:

The IoT platform by Axelta lets you stream data, manage assets and devices, perform analytics and create custom solutions at world’s lowest cost. Osmosis, can stream data from any IoT device, provide out of the box big data analytics and dashboards, help manage the devices and assets in intuitive manner and scale from prototype to enterprise scale without change.  

This Hyderabad based company was founded in 2013 and provides end to end solutions and services for IoT. Their state of art solutions and framework help M2M communication by accepting data from varied devices. It also provides ability to process large pieces of data to derive intelligent information and give intuitive visual representation that helps in taking critical business decisions in real time.

4. Inventrom:


Founded by Pranav Pai Vernekar and Vinayak Joshi in 2012, Inventrom started out as a company dealing with robotics before gradually shifting towards the IoT model. It aims at building smart and connected devices.

Their Internet of Things Platform (Hardware +Cloud), Bolt, was developed in 2015 with its official launch in Jan 2016. This small yet highly functional prototyping board lets the ideas be rapidly prototyped within days with minimal cost and manhours.

The Bolt cloud services, lets you monitor and control devices from anywhere in the world and pre-built data visualization service lets you convert your data into truly useful intelligence. A few products built on Bolt are DOSAMATIC Mukunda Foods, HOOTER iSafe and ROBOT Visual Juju.

5. Machine Pulse:


They are an enabler of smarter industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and their product offering across IIoT are are modular and domain independent. Offering a complete range of products from industrial grade data acquisition devices to a robust and scalable cloud platform, they can be deployed together or into existing IoT workflows with full flexibility.

Its Cloud platform – ERIXISTM is a robust platform for data storage and advanced analytics with easily scalable architecture and inbuilt device management capabilities. It is an intelligent system which can learn processes and adapt itself to changing technological environments. Multi-protocol support (MQTT, FTP, TCP, HTTP, OPC etc) and device agnostic nature makes it a “go to” platform for customers.

Flexible architecture, data engineering, security, device management, rich visualization are some of its features.

6. Maven Systems:


Founded by Dhananjay Kulkarni and Sunil Desai, Maven Systems is a M2M / IoT product development company with expertise in wireless connectivity. Their indigenous solutions are used for smart metering, smart lighting, telematics, remote monitoring of mining and construction equipment, diesel generator sets, solar panels and so on.

Maven’s M2M and IoT platform provides components like field data integration and application development service based on cloud-based architecture. It provides secure and scalable solutions and flexible APIs support to quickly build and deliver custom IoT applications.

It’s M2M / IoT ecosystem covers features like machine connectivity & data acquisition, battery operated or electricity powered wireless modules, smartphone connectivity, data storage on cloud network to name a few.

7. TCS IoT platform:


The IoT platform by TCS is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering that accelerates the development and deployment of IoT applications for organizations across industries such as healthcare, insurance, and manufacturing.

It offers services that allows enterprises to scale up to develop, deploy, and administer IoT software applications such as web apps, real-time analytics and batch analytics programs. The solution also facilitates sensor device management, data acquisition and storage, and analytics, helping companies offer unique services to their customers.

TCS’ IoT offerings are backed by over 18 patent-pending sensor and wireless technologies, including an Integrated Sensor Cloud Platform, as well as solutions for distributed computing on edge devices.

It has fetched many awards in the past such as M2M Evolution IoT Excellence Award, Oracle Excellence Award for Specialized Partner of the Year – Telecommunications, to name a few.

8. Traxroot:


A no coding M2M and IoT cloud platform, Traxroot enables manufacturers and service providers to bring connected products to the market quickly and securely.

Founded by Kiran Kaushik, Traxroot IoT platform allows streaming of big data and dream niche reports. They work by categorizing their clients into class ready and class custom and then identifying successful, widespread IoT spaces to develop ready to launch solutions.

It works by connecting devices to Traxroot using any wireless network, push and pull encoded data using their Rest API, manage the data and devices by controlling sensors using the 2-way communication protocols, customize the app by setting rules and defining analytics and finally analysing the reports.

Traxroot IoT Platform has been widely used in transportation/ logistics, agriculture monitoring, home automation, wearable devices and much more.

9. Wipro IoT:

The cloud based IoT platform of Wipro, a leading global information technology, consulting and business process services company, has seen its successful deployment. JCB India Ltd, a leading construction equipment manufacturer, has the Livelink IoT solution being designed and deployed on Wipro’s cloud-based Industrial asset platform.

Livelink telematics system has successfully connected over 10,000 construction equipment and machines, such as Backhoe Loaders, Excavators and Compact Wheel Loaders, deployed for its customers across India.

The Livelink system allows JCB to remotely monitor the real-time health and performance of JCB assets in the field. The predictive capability of the platform helps all stakeholders to collaborate in ensuring operational availability of the asset whereby maximizing the value derived from it.

10. Yuktix IoT Platform:


Yuktix is based out of Bangalore and creates environment monitoring solutions for emerging markets. They aim to create next generation monitoring solutions focused on making data mobile and data capture, visualization and analysis in a true plug and play proposition.

Their IoT platform consists of a sensor catalog, a device that acquires inputs from sensors and multiple network options to send data to the cloud from anywhere. It provides a ready to market catalog for weather, air quality, gases and water sensors and more through their multiple communication options such as GSM/GPRS, Ethernet, WiFi and 6LowPAN to cover all types of needs.

To create a domain specific solution, customers can pick required sensors from the catalog, plug it in the device and start receiving data on the cloud. Further, Yuktix cloud allows them to create and group multiple devices, set notifications for important events and store and visualize data. They provide API and connectors to make system integration easy.



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