The 10 Most Popular IoT India Magazine Articles of 2016

In 2016, IoT India Magazine visitors gravitated toward IoT startups, platforms and companies. But the most popular new article by far was about a timeless topic: IoT skilling and education.


1.    Top 10 IoT startups in India – 2016

With various funding options available, the number of IoT startups continues to be on the rise in India. It is important to support and watch out the early birds in the world of IoT startups. So, we present to you, the emerging IoT startups to keep on your radar for 2016!

2.    Top 10 IoT Training Institutes in India – 2016

Here’s the list of top 10 Internet of Things training institutes in India. What we have also realized is the fact that unlike analytics, training for IoT is in very early stages, with some of these courses in experimental stages. Yet, its still promising to explore.

3.     10 Leading University Courses on IoT (Worldwide)

IoT India Magazine brings you a list of top 10 University courses in the field of IoT around the world. This would help our IoT aspirants, who wish to enter the field of IoT and contribute to the change, to get a fair idea of various education options available worldwide.

4.    Top 10 Home Automation Start-ups in India

With home automation setting on a growth path, quite a few of Indian start-ups have entered to freeze this opportunity. IoT India Magazine brings you the list of ‘Top 10 Home Automation Start-ups in India’ who are all set to change the way we live our lives.

Intelligence home control technology. Remote automation system on mobile device. Eco and security solution

5.    Top 10 skills needed to be an IoT Professional

IoT is the next big thing in the digital world and in order to make IoT a success, professionals with skill sets necessary for the functioning of IoT will be required. Hence we present the top 10 skills that a professional needs to enter the world of IoT.

6.    Smart Farming: IoT in agriculture

With the concept of smart farming and digitization, IoT is gaining popularity like never before and is coming with the potential to offer high precision crop control, data collection and automated farming techniques.

7.    Interview with Nilesh Jain, Director, PicoStone

We interviewed Nilesh Jain, Director, PicoStone to understand how PicoStone products can change our way of living. With over 20+ years of entrepreneurial and operational experience, Nilesh has a proven track record of building and managing companies, revenue centers as well as developing strategies to improve businesses.

8.    10 IoT Platforms and Frameworks from India “connecting” the world

We explored IoT platforms from India and have compiled a list of 10 IoT Platforms and Frameworks (in alphabetical order) making the headlines.

9.    IoT India Industry Study – 2016

Starting this year, we have undertaken to conduct ‘IoT India Industry Study’ with the aim to know where the IoT industry stands as of today in India and provide a bird’s eye view of the ecosystem.

10. 10 Replacements of Raspberry Pie

With a wide range of features, we bring to you 10 replacements of Raspberry Pi and we leave it to you to ponder, which one you find the best!



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