Nokia unveiled IoT use cases at Nokia Innovation Day for building a smart city

From 5G to smart city solutions, Nokia builds a smarter India

Nokia’s India unit is reportedly rolling out 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) services for smart cities and overall public safety.  The Finnish mobile manufacturer, known for its handy and stodgy handset, unveiled more than 60 use cases of its technology at Innovation Day held at Nokia Technology centre in Bengaluru.

The annual event saw ideas for a smarter and safer environment powered by Nokia’s IoT cloud solution IMPACT that could be used by countries in the future. At the annual event, Nokia amply demonstrated how it is making IoT a reality for smart cities and public safety with its three innovative offerings in a) Smart Parking, b) Video Analytics and c) Rail Road crossing.

The technology behind it leverages:

  • In- house build sensors
  • IMPACT, MEC platform
  • End to end Network based solution for trespassing detection

Aimed at governments and enterprise who can use it for powering smart city solutions, Nokia’s IoT solutions are designed to provide a secure and scalable platform that use data to build smart, safe and sustainable cities.

Randeep Raina, Nokia’s Chief Technology Officer who was present at the event spoke how IoT solutions could provide a secure and scalable platform for smart and sustainable cities. “Government initiatives such as Digital India and smart city initiatives are enablers to make cities safer and smarter. Keeping that this in mind, we decided to roll out the theme centred on smart cities,” he shared.

Nokia’s IoT use cases:

a) Smart Parking: This solution provides pre-booking, parking slots, recording the number of hours for the respective slot and aids in traffic management.

b) Video Analytics: Provides surveillance capability by identifying intruders at a location.

c) Rail Road crossing: One of the best life-saving initiative that could have a wide application in India, this solution uses sensors and beacons and can warn pedestrians of incoming trains at crossings and also can be used as a disciplinary measure for authorities.

While 5G is still in early stages, IoT is seeing a big adoption in India, revealed Raina. However, when it comes to 5G, Nokia has established thought leadership and explored many possibilities as a platform for enabling growth, right from IT sector to agriculture, manufacturing and entertainment. According to Nokia, “network speeds as high as 10Gbps and with extremely low latency are a driving force for new applications that use massive broadband capabilities”.



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