Microsoft recently showcased three IoT solutions for Indian manufacturing sector

Microsoft’s cloud based IoT solutions set to transform the Indian manufacturing sector

Envision a factory ‘smart’ enough to foresee problems and implement solutions beforehand. That’s exactly where Microsoft Azure’s cloud based IoT suite is headed – transforming the manufacturing hub with intelligent predictive technology. And the legacy software giant showcased its end-to-end solutions for factory operation and maintenance in India.

According to reports, Microsoft Azure recently unveiled its industry-leading IoT solutions for manufacturing sector in India. The three IoT solutions are offered by three start-ups — Precimetrix, Teramatrix and Covacsis Technologies — will help the manufacturing industry gain a digital edge and get predictive insights.

The IoT suite for manufacturing comprises Azure Machine Learning, Cortana Intelligence Suite and IoT solutions and our partners can support any manufacturer of any type digitally, Microsoft’s General Manager Narendra Bhandari said in an interview.

While Covacsis Technologies solution – the Covacsis Integrated Plant Framework (IPF) can digitize any factory in less than six weeks without much capital expenditure, Precimetrix  brings IoT and analytics to enable real-time process management and gathers actionable analytics to enhance productivity.  And  Teramatrix completes the IoT suite by bringing an IoT software that helps companies connect with their fixed or even mobile infrastructure and analyze streams of data generating from them.

From capturing untapped data to improving overall efficiency, Microsoft’s cloud based IoT solutions offers predictive maintenance and remote monitoring capabilities.



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