Sudha Jamthe, CEO and Author at IoT Disruptions: “There is a huge need for IoT education in India”

Sudha Jamthe is a globally recognized Entrepreneurial Mobile Product leader with 20+ years’ experience building consumer mobile and ecommerce products. She loves shaping new technology ecosystems and helping businesses drive Digital Business Transformations.

An author of three books- IoT Disruptions, The Internet of Things Business Primer and IoT Disruptions 2020: Getting to the Connected World of 2020 with Deep Learning IoT, she also actively contributes to Techcrunch, Mashable, Gigaom and Venturebeat.

Sudha is an instructor at the first IoT Business course at Stanford Continuing Ed School and is a champion for STEM programs and Girls Who Code. She also hosts mentor programs for kids at Devcamps and Hackathons.

She has served as a venture mentor at MIT and Director at Bay Area Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ Meetups. She is an advisor for Blockchain University and Barcelona Technology School..

In a candid chat with IoT India Magazine, read what Sudha has to say about her journey in the IoT industry, the books she has authored, and IoT industry in general.

IoT India Magazine: Would you like to tell us something about your journey in the tech industry.

Sudha Jamthe: I bring 20+ years experience in Technology Industry building out eCommerce, Social and Mobile Analytics and Product Organizations from my work in Harcourt Inc, eBay and PayPal. I enjoy building out Developer Ecosystem for emerging technologies from my work leading Silicon Valley Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter Meetups. My sweet spot is at the junction of Product and Data and being able to focus on how to build out successful Technology businesses for entrepreneurs and innovation centers of large companies.

IoT India Magazine: Would you like to highlight key takeaways from your book IoT Disruptions: The Internet of Things – Innovations & Jobs?

SJ: My first bookIoT Disruptionsis a kindle book. It is an introductory landscape book about the Technology and business potential of Internet of Things-focused on entrepreneurs and students to understand where are the new jobs and areas to innovate to create new businesses. It also includes an alphabetical directory of IoT devices.

My second book Internet of Things Business Primeris a print book and the textbook for the IoT Business course that I teach at Stanford continuing studies. It is a comprehensive guide on how to build out a successful Internet of Things business. It covers end-to-end IoT Customer experience for Product Managers and nearly 20 case studies covering various global IoT product and business scenarios to guide the reader on best practice to build out an IoT Business globally.

My Third book IoT Disruptions 2020: Getting to the Connected World of 2020 with Deep Learning IoT” is also a print book. It focuses on how-to add intelligence to IoT devices by 2020 using Machine Learning and Deep Learning and Algorithms to create new conveniences and connected way of living. This book is for you if you are looking for business use cases for intelligent IoT across wide range of industries and scenarios. I have heard from several of my readers who are Corporate innovators and entrepreneurs that this book inspired them with futuristic ideas about the connected world of 2020 and where to focus today to get there. It also includes analysis of several industries.

IoT India Magazine:  Would you like to share about the target audience for your books?

SJ: As a Technology Futurist, I have a soft spot for students to guide them on what to study to get ready for the future tech world. My typical audiences are entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs looking to innovate inside companies covering variety of industries. My audiences share my love for new technology while looking for guidance on where is the largest and immediate business disruption opportunity in the next 3 to 5 years.

IoT India Magazine:  How competitive is India according to you in the Global IoT space?

SJ: I cover IoT innovations from around the globe in The IoT Show and Machinebot , my YouTube Channels. I did a special edition on Apr 9th for global IoT Day and was amazed by the wide range of IoT products from India. They range from small IoT devices such as the security plus fashion device Dazl by first time entrepreneurs to Connected Air Conditioners such as Aryabot AC from Videocon developed locally in India by Artificial Machines.

The real competitive advantage for India comes from the talent pool, smart and hungry to learn and contribute to amazing products. On example is Lullaby baby-warmer from GE Healthcare who could develop this product in India for Indian markets to sell at Rs.3000.

There are many local Machine Learning startups and technologies being developed by Indian software professionals which is the hottest technology in Cognitive IoT and AI. India is contributing well in Machine Learning research which is adding to the competitive advantage bringing Indian contribution to global standards and collaboration.

I also heard of an IBM Watson IoT pilot being done for Agriculture in Andhra Pradesh and an AI Robot called Lakshmi that’s being deployed by the City Union Bank in Chennai. These are welcome adoption of innovation that will feed the talent pool by creating a domestic market to train the AI models to serve the needs of the local market.

The only challenge is in availability of more capital for startups such as Accelerators and Incubators that needs to scale to match the number of innovating entrepreneurs.

IoT India Magazine: What are your views on IoT education in India?

SJ: There is a huge need for IoT education in India. I haven’t heard of any resources other than a few conferences.

IoT India Magazine: Like analytics, do you see/foresee shortage of talent in the IoT space?

SJ: There is a huge demand for Machine Learning Technology both from new students and professionals with domain knowledge who can apply Machine Learning well in their respective industries. I don’t foresee talent shortage on the software or Machine Learning side. There is a need for education to create talent in all areas of IoT to get Industrial IoT deployment to scale in India.

IoT India Magazine: According to you, how important is data security with IoT growing rapidly?

SJ: Data is the new currency and creates operational efficiencies for industries. IoT devices create time series of data from small consumer devices to large Industrial systems. So data security for enterprise data is imperative for customer confidence for rapid IoT adoption and scale. For enterprise systems, I believe that the market will dictate data security practices and they will scale with growth and wider adoption of IoT. This is not the case for consumer data security. Privacy and security of consumer data is going to be an important issue for the Consumer IoT market to get wider adoption and growth from domestic markets.



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