10 Emerging IoT Startups in India to watch for in 2017

10 Emerging IoT Startups in India to watch for in 2017

10 Emerging IoT Startups in India to watch for in 2017

We have time and again covered how internet is well beyond desktops and mobile devices to be a part of smart watches, smart cities, home automation technologies and much more. Starting from wearables to the IoT sensors and the IoT platforms, there is a lot that this industry has to offer. Often talked of being fragmented, nevertheless the industry has served every ingredient to the end users- whether individual consumers or the enterprises.

Traversing onto this road, there have been innumerable startups rooting up in this domain which in itself speaks of the huge potential this space has. Leafing through the huge list of startups in IoT sector, we bring to you, yet again, 10 emerging names from India that have been making India proud.

Listed in alphabetical order, each name in the list has the right kind of mix of tech and the usability that makes it a deserving candidate to be on the list.

1. Boltt Sports Technologies: 

Incorporated in the year 2015, BOLTT is a new age sports technology brand offering an ecosystem of the most advanced running wearable and an ultimate fitness app to help user improve running and stress on fitness and health, like never before. It is doing so by introducing an Artificial Intelligence wearable tech for fitness fans which is an industry first.

With its smart wearable products, Boltt enables the players to enhance their sports performance with a focus on health, fitness and technique. That’s not all, in order to combine sports performance with meaningful data, they are developing training tools based on professional-grade analytics that convert the data into actionable insights, recommendation, and expert guidance.

Founded by Arnav Kishore and Aayushi Kishore, the tech for Boltt is developed in partnership with Garmin, the global giants in wearable technology. With a commitment to bring the best “connected technology” to the world, this startup truly deserves to be on the list.

The product will be available for pre-order later this month during the company’s Kickstarter project and the users can pre-claim the orders here.

Aayushi Kishore and Arnav Kishore

2. Carnot Technologies:

At Carnot, they are building a connected car platform to connect the cars and bikes to the internet and help owners seamlessly manage the different aspects of their vehicles such as repair and insurance, from a tap on their phones. It is this interesting concept that places Carnot Technologies on the list.

The Carnot smart car device allows owners to track their car, monitor its real-time speed and get towing or theft alerts. The app will also alert owners if their car is in need of repairs and offer 24×7 roadside assistance in case of breakdown. Additionally, Carnot gives owners a rich insight into their driving and fuel economy.

Founded in 2015 by four IIT Bombay alumni – Rohan Vadgaonkar, Urmil Shah, Pushkar Limaye and Prathamesh Joshi, Carnot was founded with an aim to build a product for India, fully designed and manufactured in India, offering a world class experience.

Going forward the company is looking to further their partnerships with insurance companies, car manufacturers and other auto players to offer value added services to owners and bring about the connected car revolution in India.

Carnot Team

3. Gaia Smart Cities:

The one of its kind startup in the IoT space, Gaia is bringing concepts that are changing and shaping how we live, work and interact with our living environment- i.e it provides end-to- end IoT solutions for smart cities and industrial automation. With its innovative solutions Gaia intends to help cities and enterprises transform complex services and processes.

To enable higher-level city performance and be able to integrate physical and systems infrastructure, cities need to embed smartness. Blending data with machine learning, trend mapping, and data analytics allows cities and businesses to predict and manage outcomes. The underlying factor that can facilitate all of it is internet-of- things- which is what Gaia smart cities lay its foundation on.

Gaia also provides sensing, metering, tracking, and analytics as a service over a wide-area IoT network.  Their solutions provide time-based or real-time streaming data and insights on assets, consumption, performance or processes.

Gaia is pioneering a new ‘network of networks’ – integrating low-power sensing technologies with third party telecom-grade IoT networks, to build a virtual, cloud-based platform for connected devices.

Gaia Team

4. Klar Systems:

Klar Systems is a Bangalore-based company that builds IoT Platforms and Products targeting Home and Building Automation Systems.  Founded by Mohan Yenigalla, Harikrishna R., and Urmil Parikh, Klar Systems’ focus has been in quickly bringing to market innovative new IoT gadgets.

Their first product, zmote, a Wi-Fi Universal Remote Controller, was launched in July 2016.  Designed to be simple and easy to use, zmote is at the same time a full-featured, and extensible device with an open API allowing it to be easily integrated into virtually any other home automation platform. Built almost entirely in Bangalore, it has sold in over 15 countries and attracted a following around the world within the Open Source community, as well as with commercial home automation solution providers. They are readying to launch their next two products, both home automation controllers, in February 2017.

They are also collaborating with Jigsaw Academy, a leading online learning platform, to develop introductory hands-on courses on IoT technologies with a view to helping professionals in the IT industry looking for opportunities in this emerging field.

Klar Founding Team

5. Neewee:

Neewee is an Industrial Analytics Company focused on IoT and Procurement Analytics. Neewee leverages their Analytics delivery platform “Athena” which is modular, open source based and uses Micro-Services based Architecture for implementation of Analytics Solutions. They make extensive use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning algorithms to detect, diagnose and prognose issues with Industrial Assets.

Neewee has on its advisory board an eminent professor of Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur whose extensive knowledge in the field of Machinery Fault Diagnosis and Signal Processing helps them to enhance and deliver cutting edge Industrial Analytics Solutions.

In the Industrial context, Athena gives Businesses the ability to travel in time and predict the future state of assets, thus significantly reducing risk of unplanned downtime. Utilities like Asset and Model configurator makes it easy for the team to keep a tab on the future state of assets and take remedial actions.

Team Neewee

6. Saturam:

Born out of delivering IoT deployments, Saturam believes in mastery over Devices, Data and AI. They are innately data-driven and power up sensor fusion, streaming ETL, anomaly detection and Embedded AI use cases using pre-built streaming data apps.

Inspired by ROI, they deliver higher order results for their clients in Manufacturing, Food, Hospitality, Retail, Telco, Insurance and Banking. On-premise, On-Cloud or On-edge.

Imagine an Industrial IoT pipeline that taps into Machine, Process, Order, Client, Supplier, Employee Data and creates a positive analytics loop. Using their streaming data apps, you can connect the data- all the way – and prevent defects, predict maintenance, forecast demand, reduce warranty costs and of course boost ROIs across supply chain.

They truly believe that greatness in a connected era requires audacious re-interpretation of status-quo, best-in-class talent and a culture that believes in conquering together.

Muralidharan K, Founder, Saturam Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

7. SenseGiz:

SenseGiz makes IoT based consumer and enterprise products for smart buildings, security, and smart city applications using a combination of connected hardware, cloud analytics and apps.

Incorporated in August 2013, all products are designed in-house with patents granted and pending. Their products are sold worldwide with a focus on USA, Japan and India.

With their new device COIN, they have built a proprietary low power mesh network over BLE with the lowest power consumption and form factor compared to anything on the market. They are creating an ecosystem of interconnected sensor based IoT products with multiple sensors built into the product for motion, vibration, pressure, temperature sensing etc.

With Coin they aim to target the smart buildings, smart offices, factories, condition monitoring, asset monitoring, perimeter surveillance, hospital management and other domains with a different approach from current market options. And what better deal if Coin solution is very cheap to deploy, is flexible and ensures scalable ecosystem.

COIN-the new device by Sensegiz

8. 75F:

Founded in 2012 in the US, by Indian natives Deepinder Singh and Pankaj Chawla, 75F creates solutions that predict building needs and manage them proactively, making buildings more energy-efficient, automated, smart and comfortable. With the R&D based out of Bangalore, 75F has won numerous awards for its pioneering technology and has created hundreds of energy-efficient, comfortable buildings.

Leveraging IoT design, the 75F system deploys proactive cloud-based algorithms to predict the behaviour of a building. Internet-connected devices sense, analyse and control the behaviour of the building to achieve consistent temperature, airflow, and lighting on a zone or room by room basis while saving up to 70% in energy usage and decreasing the carbon footprint. With 75F, continuous commissioning is a reality.

Beginning their journey in 2007 with Dynamic Airflow Balancing™, it was in 2012 that they shifted their focus and re-designed the solution for commercial buildings.

The company has several awards and titles to its credit such as the ‘People’s Choice Award’ at CleanTech Open 2014, the Eureka awards 2016 amongst the many.

Pankaj Chawla, CTO and Gaurav-Burman, VP Country President

9. Stellapps:

Stellapps is an end-to- end dairy technology solutions company – the first of its kind in India. An IIT-Madras incubated company founded by a group of IITians and technologists with a strong industry background and rich experience, their innovative applications and state-of- the-art mechanization tools leverage IoT, Big Data, Cloud, Mobility, and Data Analytics to improve Agri- supply chain parameters.

Their SmartMoo™ IoT router and in-premise IoT Controller acquire data via sensors that are embedded in Milking Systems, Animal Wearables, Milk Chilling Equipment & Milk Procurement Peripherals, and transmit the same to the Stellapps SmartMoo™ Big Data Cloud Service Delivery Platform (SDP) where the SmartMoo™ suite of applications analyse and crunch the received data before disseminating the same to various stakeholders over low-end and smart mobile devices.

With an aim to apply this full IoT stack to various verticals, they started with Agri/Dairy. They believe that in the long run, the stack will be leveraged in multiple sectors (both allied and unrelated) as a combination of applications driven by Stellapps, partners and third parties.

Founders Stellapps

10. Unlimit:

Unlimit, powered by Reliance, enables Indian and foreign companies to set up and grow their IoT business in India by getting to market faster, scale quickly with high service reliability at low cost of ownership.

Being the first ever dedicated IoT business unit set up by a telecom company in India, Unlimit is the gateway to India for IoT for all global companies looking to access the Indian market. The exclusive partnership with Cisco Jasper ensures the best IoT Connectivity platform in the world and with Reliance Communications being on one of the biggest 4G network operators, it promises a robust coverage in India.

Their product portfolio so far includes Unlimit CONTROL, which is a cloud-based platform that enables customers to launch, manage and monetize IoT/M2M services for connected devices around the world, Unlimit STARTER that gives full access to Unlimit Control Complete suite of developer tools and Unlimit TRACKING which is a fleet management and asset tracking solution including Hardware, Connectivity Web-based management portal. With Unlimit TRACKING, the customers can find new opportunities to Reduce fuel costs, Decrease response times, and Increase asset utilization Improve customer satisfaction.

Unlimit Team



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