LG OLED TV display at CES 2017 held at Las Vegas

CES 2017 Roundup – everything you need to know about IoT

LG OLED TV display at CES 2017 held at Las Vegas. Image Credit: CES 2017 

The Internet of Things (IoT) has seen staggering investments over the past few years and it was the dominant theme at the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017. The show brought together industry leaders, manufacturers and developers who shed light on consumer trends and the new demands of IoT.

IoT India Magazine gives you a lowdown of everything related to Internet of Things (IoT) that happened at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017, also their 50th anniversary show.  

From smartwatches to smart running shoes and connected health devices, Wearables had an exciting line-up at CES 2017

Despite the usual doom and gloom talk about slow adoption of wearables, wearable companies were all out in full force at the recently concluded CES.

New Balance RunIQ watch is powered by Intel

New Balance: In the world of smartwatches, New Balance made its Android Wear ambitions clear with New Balance RunIQ, produced in collaboration with Intel. The smartwatch features a music player, heart monitor GPS among other features directly aimed at enhancing athletic performance.

Garmin: Switzerland headquartered manufacturer of GPS navigation products showcased their brand new Fenix series smartwatches with a slew of interesting features such as pre-loaded maps, WiFi, waterproof and most notably a gyroscope. Moving on from app-loaded smartwatches, wearable technology has evolved from wristbands and smartwatches to medically assisted devices.

Making a departure from traditional wearables, CES 2017 saw a host of health devices aimed at women and medical care. There was Ava, a fertility tracking bracelet and TytoHome from TytoCare, an Israeli company that is living up to its tagline – putting health in the hands of consumers. TytoHome is a kit that enables telehealth exams and has in-built technology that provides accurate results.

Motiv Ring bagged the CES Best of Innovation for Wearable Technologies

Then there was Motiv Ring, that picked up the “CES 2017 Best of Innovation for Wearable Technologies” award. Motiv Ring is an activity and sleep tracker, to be worn on the finger. The wearable improves your health by allowing you to track the heart rate, sleep, and other daily activities. It can go for five days without a battery charge.

Under Armour: Baltimore-anchored sports apparel and accessories company, credited for adding science to footwear showcased their new range of running shoes packed with three sensors that tells you when you’re fit to run. Besides giving a fatigue score, the shoe also predicts whether you should intensify your training.  Under Armour got a little help from Olympic swimmer who was present to demonstrate their latest tech. And not to forget Under Armour’s UA Record app that utilizes a 14-Day Sleep Score and Body Clock, aimed at helping sports starts and athletes sleep better. 

Home Assistants – Control your home with just a hello

Amazon Alexa made its way into every product at CES 2017

CES 2017 scored big on the smart home front. Wherever you go, smart home technology is all the buzz and nowhere was it more apparent than CES 2017 where Amazon Alexa digital home assistant that respond to voice commands made its way into third party products such as washing machines, phones, home security systems, lighting and much more. Amazon has definitely taken a huge lead in enabling the next generation voice user experiences. Big brand names such as LG and Whirlpool are putting their weight behind smart devices and are compatible with Alexa, giving you in short – a smart home.



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