Image Source: Digilux

Digilux- A startup that promises a smart home within your budget

Image Source: Digilux

With fast disruption of IoT, there evidently has been a rise in newer technologies making our lives simpler and efficient- smart watches, animal wearable, smart kitchens are just a few names. In the same league of IoT enabled advances is the Home Automation Technology that has been piling up at a fast pace.

Talking about one such startup in the Home automation space- Digilux, it offers everything that might be needed to call a home the “smart one”. Co-founded in May 2016 by Padamraj K Bagrecha, Mahaveer K Bagrecha and Ali Khan Muzzammil, Digilux has automated over 1000 homes till now, which proves the popularity it has gained in a short span of time. With a diverse clientele of builders like Salarpuria, Valmark, Divyasree among others apart from individual homes, Digilux is working with system integrators across India.

From multi-room control to switching and dimming the light in one touch, Digilux offers a range of home automation products that has been thoughtfully designed to have simple yet versatile products embedded with technology.

All the products are developed with the aim of providing security, comfort and luxury at the tip of the finger. Digilux has been designed in a way to integrate with IoT platform that enables energy monitoring and data analysis of devices.

Digilux in detail:

Comprising of Touch Based Switch Control System with Remote, Gateway for Smart Phone Control, IR & RS232 Controllers for third party devices control, RGB Controller, Energy Monitoring and Apps, Digilux has everything that makes it for a complete smart living. That’s not all; Digilux is available in HA profile that lets you integrate the product with any existing or new controllers and can be incorporated in different power conditions.

What’s the best part? This cost effective, retrofit solution can be installed even in existing homes without any hassles or additional wiring. An entire home can be automated within a price bracket of INR 50,000 to 3 Lakhs, which is almost 1/5th the cost of existing solutions!

A quick glance on the products:

  • DigiLux Touch Based Switch Control Panel: It is an 8, 4 and 2 module panel with 4 On/Off Controls, 2 dimming controls and 1 fan controller with a motorized control for curtains. With capacitive touch and precise switching action, it comes with a feature of last status memory recall. The panels available in glass, metal and wooden finish are best suited for a variety of home interiors.
  • DigiLux Smart Apps: Available on both Android and Apple platform, the app controls home from any part of the world via internet or Wi-Fi.
  • DigiLux Smart Remote: The smart remote helps you access all features of the system and each can control up to three different panels with zone selection options. The remote works on the Zigbee mesh platform and the line of sight is not required as compared to most conventional systems
  • DigiLux Gateway: The gateway is embedded with artificial intelligence to decipher signals from various sources like Lights, Air Conditioner, Entertainment and Security Devices making it robust and smart.
  • DigiLux RGB Controller: The RGB Controller can help you control the RGB lighting and to set up the ambience as per your mood with just a touch of a button.
  • DigiLux IR & RS232 Controllers: The Digilux Infra Red Blaster can help you seamlessly integrate Third Party Devices, Entertainment Systems, Appliances, HVAC of various brands and be controlled in one touch.

In a nutshell, what sets Digilux a notch apart from other smart home automation providers floating in the market?

  • Wireless Zigbee with mesh technology makes it the only product of its kind. It works on regular electrical cabling with no data cables whatsoever required
  • It gives has both android and iphone enabled mobile app for smart phone controls
  • Surge Protection up to 4 KVA with operating voltage of 90 VAC- 270 VAC
  • Modular touchscreen base with capacitive touch
  • In short it has the best in the class specifications which is easy to install and is cost effective



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