GOQii in association with Max Hospital forays into cardiovascular healthcare with “GOQii Heart Care Tracker”

GOQii, the India’s leading health ecosystem and preventive health platform ventures into cardiovascular health with GOQii Heart Care. The key feature of this service is its ability to connect consumers to cardiovascular specialists through the GOQii application and a new GOQii tracker which has capabilities to measure heart rate.  

This new service comes along with a partnership with Max Hospital which is known for its specialized heart care.

How can users avail this feature?

To use this new feature, all that the GOQii users have to do is share their health and heart rate data via the new GOQii tracker with the GOQii Doctor for his analysis. The doctor will go through this data and provide specific inputs to the users on how to maintain good heart health. That’s not all, in specific cases, if required the GOQii doctor will refer the user to a cardiac specialists at Max Hospital and other partner hospitals.

The idea behind developing this specialized offering was the constant rise of cardiovascular cases across the globe. With this new service, GOQii aims to create the world’s leading health eco-system which connects the GOQii users to leading professionals in the fitness and healthcare space.

Commenting on the launch, Rohit Kapoor, Senior Director & Chief Growth Officer at Max Healthcare said, “Heart related diseases are on the rise due to lifestyle choices people make and they don’t generally pay attention to their health. We have observed that patients usually take action when their disease has advanced significantly.”

He further added, “The GOQii Heart Care is an exclusive platform that connects the users and the specialists and enables them to work together towards preventative healthcare. We chose to partner with GOQii as they have been a frontrunner in the healthcare segment”.

Vishal Gondal, CEO and Founder, GOQii said, “Today, too many devices are generating lots of data which is essentially junk if not analysed and acted upon. The GOQii Heart Care is an one stop solution that tracks and analyses data generated by the Heart Rate trackers and can connect the GOQii user to doctor who can help make sense of the data. It is a unique offering as compared to any other wearable device or service available in the market”.

One of the world’s leading Health & Lifestyle Coaching platforms, GOGii created a disruption in the health and fitness segment in 2016 with the launch of its second generation smart band – GOQii 2.0 which includes features such as doctor consultation, diagnostics, auto sleep detection etc. With the launch of the new band, GOQii gets the tops spot in the wearable device segment in Q2 of 2016 as per the International Data Corporation (IDC) report.

The GOQii 2.0 band which will incorporate the Heart Care Service will be available on Amazon from February 14th 2017. Consumers can upgrade their existing wearable devices with the new service as well.  With regards to third party hardware which includes the Heart Rate Monitor, consumers can avail the service by paying a nominal consultation fee.

The services along with the new GOQii Heart Rate tracker will be available at a subscription Rs 2999 for 6 months and 3999 for 12 months respectively.



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