Aruba keeps the network and corporate assets safe

How HPE Aruba plays a role in securing the Internet of Things

Aruba’s solutions keeps the network and corporate assets safe

It’s a catchword that dominates every conversation and figured heavily at the 5th edition of Network University 2017, hosted at HPE and chaired by Santanu Ghose, Director Networking, HPE Aruba and Professor Sadagopan, IIT – B’s Director. We are talking about internet of things (IoT) and the hype surrounding the technology. Not to forget the doom and gloom talk regarding massive fragmentation in the IoT what with every technology giant launching their own IoT platform.

Santanu Ghose, Director Networking, Aruba, a HP Enterprise Company

But just like cloud, IoT is the latest buzzword and is having its moment in the sun, revealed Prof. Sadagopan. The thought was echoed by Ghose as well. “No company can offer the full gamut of services when it comes to Internet of Things (IoT). When companies in the industrial space such as GE which is writing IoT applications and somebody such as Intel is already making sensors that capture data, are already working together, where is the fragmentation,” he shared.

To succeed in Internet of Things (IoT) space, companies have to work together, reiterated Ghose. But where does Aruba (HPE company) fit in the bigger IoT picture?  While GE and Siemens are powering Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) through platforms, Aruba has the capability of handling the “application part of the infrastructure”. Aruba plays a pivotal role in securing trust and managing IoT security issues. “From connectivity to security and management we facilitate that application to be run securely and facilitate that application to be managed,” shared Ghose.

With IoT devices becoming increasingly common in the enterprises settings, security and access has become a major concern. Many of the IoT devices in use today are not adequately secured. That’s where Aruba’s ClearPass Universal Profiler and Aruba Clear Pass Policy Manager play a role in safeguarding the network by providing visibility and enforcement policy. ClearPass Universal Profiler helps you see what’s on your network and Aruba Clear Pass Policy Manager allows you to enforce policies for both wired and wireless and integrate all the best security solutions to protect the enterprise’s assets.

Aruba Networks is leading the race in software defined networking and is changing the way WiFi is delivered. The market leader in wired and WLAN infrastructure, declared by Gartner has paved the way for Network-as-a-Service model as the way of doing business for organizations across the board – healthcare, education, retail and many more. The benefits are manifold — it maximizes customer engagement for business and helps make decisions on a fly in the operation cycle through their cutting edge Mobile First Platform. Aruba’s upgraded mobility architecture goes beyond simple connectivity to enhancing customer experience and simplifying complex business problems.

The event was organized to demonstrate Aruba’s Mobile First Platform largely focused on Aruba’s mature mobility architecture that is a wide platform that enables innovation and problem solving for businesses. Also present on the occasion were Aruba’s top brass Alain Carpentier, VP, Worldwide Sales of HPE Aruba and Steve Wood, VP, Asia Pacific Aruba .



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