Azim Premji recently revealed his dis-concern on plans surrounding Smart City Project

Azim Premji voices his concern on lack of proper implementation plan for Smart City Project

Azim Premji recently revealed his dis-concern on plans surrounding Smart City Project

The most recent earthian awards 2016 witnessed the presence of IT services major, Wipro’s Chairman, Azim Premji. The dignitary raised his concern about the smart city projects in India, and drew attention of people towards the drastically slower implementation. Azim remarks, “There is more talk than action in the smart city projects. The concept has got lot of traction from the Prime Minister. However, the implementation has been very slow.”

By undertaking smart city project, government plans to modernize mid-sized cities in India, on the lines of a broader urban development vision. The project will furnish 109 cities in India with advanced infrastructure and information communication technology. The project was originally initiated back in June 2015. According to the business tycoon, a well-rounded approach to smart cities is essential for the project to truly be effective. “There is hardly any action on the ground. The government should make it a key priority to get the project moving,” notes Azim.

Azim Premji extols about Wipro providing IT services and smart lighting solutions for smart city projects, replying to a student’s question about Wipro’s contribution towards smart city projects. Azim also stressed on the importance of utilizing green energy in place of coal-based energy. Azim remarks, “The utilization of green energy, for say, hydro energy doesn’t adversely affect the environment. Moreover, sustainability is more of a practice than curriculum. Only practice can improve the adoption of sustainable technologies.”

The Wipro earthian is essentially a sustainable education program aimed towards fostering sustainable thinking amongst the youth. Schools and colleges engaged in sustainable projects are recognized by this annual award ceremony. One of the winning teams belonged to IIT-Roorkee. The team analyzed their on-campus water leakage data from multiple places like hostels, lawns, etc. and developed a model to address the misuse. Late Anupam Mishra was dedicated the earthian award 2016 by the CEO of the Azim Premji foundation, Mr. Anurag Behar.



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