Garmin aims to launch its Fenix 5 series wearables in India

Serving the needs of millennial and other tech freaks in the country, Garmin is all set to launch its GPS wearable, the Fenix 5 series, in India. With this, India will soon see its expanded collection of high end multisport GPS wearables, as Garmin plans to launch three versions- Fenix 5, Fenix 5S and Fenix 5X, for the consumers.

Designed with similar functionality as Garmin’s hi-tech GPS handhelds, these wearable can be strapped on any wrist size.

Features of Fenix 5 series:

According to company’s press release, all three models of Fenix 5 would come with Garmin’s Elevate wrist-based heart rate technology, multiport activity modes and a Quick Fit band that can be swapped tool free and is well-equipped with all-day tracking.

The watches are Wi-Fi enabled, compatible with Connect IQ and Face It app. This means that the user can customize their watch with apps, widgets, data fields and watch faces, along with an option to set their favorite photo as a watch face. On pairing with smartphone, it displays call, text and email notifications.

Ali Rizvi, National Sales Manager Garmin, while commenting on the launch said “In the world of wearables, the millennial consumer is constantly watching out for innovative products with lesser or no limitations at all. They want an entire package-flawless design, smart feature set, ease of use and a perfect fit. The Fēnix 5 series from Garmin has all the elements.”

Fenix 5-

Measuring 47mm across, i.e. slightly smaller than its predecessors, Fenix 5 is packed with multisport features such as three-axis compass, gyroscope, barometric altimeter and ability to access both GPS and GLONASS satellite networks. It comes in a variety of colors accompanied with accessory bands such as the new QuickFit. It allows users to mix and match between their choice leather, metal or silicon watch bands.

Fenix 5S-

Designed with a focus on female adventurers, this is a sleeker, smaller and lighter version than the previous ones. It’s a perfect smart watch for adventurers with no compromise on the multi sport utilities. Measuring 42mm, it is available in silver with either a white, turquoise or black silicone band with a mineral glass lens. It is scratch resistant, thanks to the sapphire lens. It also comes with an extra silicone QuickFit band.

Fenix X-

It comes preloaded with routable cycling maps and other navigations like Round Trip Run and Round Trip Ride. It measures 51 mm and is loaded with an all-new industrial design. It also comes with a scratch resistant sapphire lens and allows the user to enter how much they would like to run. The easy-to-read guidance cues for upcoming turns, makes the user aware of their route. It also features ‘Around Me map’ mode, to see different points of interest, waypoints and other map objects within the user’s range making them more aware of the surroundings. Fēnix 5X can even be configured to see data overlays on mapping screens and highlight key information without having to switch screens during an activity.

Fenix 5 and 5S priced at $599.99 and 5X priced at $699.99 in the US, the prices are yet to be decided in India.



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