Check out Timex's latest fitness smartwatch IQ+Move

Timex launches IQ+ Move analogue watch with an activity tracker

Check out Timex’s latest fitness smartwatch IQ+Move

There is a new smartwatch coming out of Timex’s stables – the IQ+ Move analogue watch, pegged at INR 999,5 combines the prowess of a fitness tracker as well, now a must for all smartwatches.

IoTIndiaMag gives you the review in a nutshell. Timex IQ+ Move is a hybrid watch with an excellent battery life and features an activity tracker without any bells and whistles. This fitness centric smartwatch provides data which is at par in terms of accuracy from other watch/trackers. It can even track sleep but shows irregularities in logging data. However, what got a thumbs down from most reviewers was its app which was hard to sync up and not in the same league as Fitbit.

According to Timex, the tracker can track all things basic, from calories to steps and even sleep. The watch comes with a companion Timex bluetooth app that is used to pair with a smartphone (Android and iOS). It allows users to set goals and track their progress and work towards achieving them.

For an average user on a look-out for a hybrid watch, Timex IQ+ Move is a great buy. In terms of design, the watch is conventional looking and comes with a sub-dial that tracks the activity and goals for the day. While it may look like a regular watch, at its heart it is a superb hybrid watch that covers basic fitness metrics. Unlike other popular smartwatches, this one is over-loaded with features and provides basic activity tracking features only.  In terms of battery life, the smartwatch is superb and it can go on for a year without a replacement.




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