Verily releases Study Watch

Verily’s new “Study Watch” set to revolutionize the Smartwatch segment

Verily releases Study Watch

This should come as an exciting news for “gadget freaks” worldwide, as Alphabet Inc’s health sciences firm Verily has come up with its own “Study Watch”. Verily was formerly called Google Life Sciences. The Android Wear watch differs from others, as it doesn’t show the user mobile notifications, internet feeds, map navigation, or any third-party app. But the “Study Watch” provides the user with information about date and time on a relatively simpler e-ink display. This also implicates that the user can wear it for at least a week before charging.

The smartwatch market has failed to capture the fancy of people as expected. The unreasonable price of these devices and the complexity in use are two of the most prominent reasons the segment has taken off. Moreover, most of these smartwatches have OLED display and multitude of sensors, but none of them are convenient to live with. Furthermore, none of them perform the simple job of showing date and time information properly. The “Study Watch” designed by Verily, is trying to address all these pain points.

The device retains all the sensors from a conventional smartwatch that helps track health data of a user. The main objective behind designing this device is to develop and release tools that help doctors in collecting health data. The smartwatch has a heart rate sensor, besides sporting sensors that help track epidermal activity and inertial movements. The data is collected on the watch and stored in an encrypted format, ensuring security. This data can be later sent to Verily’s cloud servers, which can be further utilized by medical researchers.

The watch packs an unnamed processor, which does all the data processing in the background. The watch comes large amount of internal storage to prevent the need for frequent syncing.  The watch will also continue receiving OTA updates in the future for all new algorithms and changes in user interface. It has been indeed made to function as a research aid.

There are possibilities that mainstream smartwatches like LG G Watch 2 and Moto 360-2 will soon design their smartwatches in a similar manner, as the traditional smartwatches are not just complicated and overloaded. The smartwatches usually range beyond the spending capacity of many.

Fitness bands, on the other hand, like Xiaomi’s Mi Band 2 are cheaper as well as easy to live with. But again, these devices not only reflect a tiny form factor, but also furnish limited scope. “Study Watch” is changing the game by bringing in practicability in use of the watch.





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