5 Drones To Buy For Videos And Photography Under ₹15k In India

Drones are a technology that have captured the imagination of many across the Indian subcontinent. Ever since the new regulation, the popularity of drones have soared. Even as children are being gifted quadcopters on the smaller side, drones have long found use in professional settings for capturing video. If you have watched a vlog on YouTube in recent times, you will know that drones are already popular with those wishing to capture photo or video.

If you are a drone beginner looking to get into the market with a cheap drone, there are many models of drones that you can buy on the cheap to get started on your drone photo adventure. In this article, we list down 5 drones available in the market under ₹15k.

Munchkin Land Sky Phantom Drone

This is the lowest end offering in this price range, and comes with a HD camera. It adopts a 6 axis gyroscope approach to balance, and weighs less than 0.5 kgs. Its light weight and low price of just above ₹5000 makes it a great beginner drone for taking videos and performing stunts to get a hang of operating a quadcopter.

JXD 523 Tracker Drone

This drone can be found on Amazon, and is priced at just under ₹6000. This makes it a great choice for any beginner quadcopter enthusiast. The drone comes with a 720p HD camera with WiFi capabilities, and also has a feature to hold its altitude. This will undoubtedly help budding videographers get shots of their sweeping skylines.

Kiditos X15W FPV Drone

This drone comes at a price of ₹6,700 on Amazon, and offers premium features to consumers at a lower price. This includes real-time WiFi transmission, stability in hovering, and a one-key return functionality to restore the drone in case of losing control. It can also be controlled by a mobile app, giving it a new leash of interconnectivity. Beginner friendly features make this a great starter drone.

Syma X5SW Axis Gyro Headless Drone

The X5SW comes with a function known as the ‘headless’ mode. This has to do with the orientation of the rotors with the nose direction, and the addition of this feature will lessen the learning curve for newer users. The drone is priced at ₹8,700 It also comes with a  6-axis flight control system, allowing you to manipulate the position of the drone in 3D space. The drone also comes with a camera to allow for pictures and videos to be taken while flying, along with a WiFi streaming feature to allow users to watch real-time footage on their phones.

DJI Tello Drone

This entry-level offering from China’s biggest drone player, DJI. While it is one of the more expensive drones on our list, coming in at ₹14,000, it comes from an industry leader and their quality standards. It features an Intel processor for better encoding of the video, and records HD video at 5 MP. DJI is selling the copter as a beginner’s product, and it also has a lot of features aimed at making it easier to fly. It also provides a better quality of video footage, both owing to the better camera and the Intel processor inside.




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