5 IoT Internships In India Candidates Can Apply For

With more and more industries adopting IoT or IoT-based products in their business processes, the demand for IoT professionals in India is going up. The technologies which were once in the sci-fi movies are becoming reality now, thanks to the evolution of IoT. In this article, we list down 5 internship roles that IoT enthusiasts can apply for.

1| Infosys InStep

About: Infosys InStep is the global programme for undergraduate, postgraduate as well as for the Ph.D. students which you can apply online. According to this report by the leading newspaper, Infosys InStep has been recognised as the best overall internship programme globally by Vault. Interns with technical backgrounds are offered to work with real-time STEM projects in IoT, AI, Big Data, ML, etc. Once you have applied, your resume will be evaluated and compared with the programme requirements. After a successful evaluation, the candidate will have to attend a telephonic interview and thereafter he/she will be shortlisted.

Duration: 12 weeks

Location: Bangalore

Stipend: This is a fully paid internship and the stipend is not disclosed

Deadline: The internship programme runs throughout the year

Click here to apply for the internship

2| Internet of Things (IoT) Teaching Internship At Rankethon

About: Rankethon is a team of alumni from IIT Kharagpur, Stanford University, IIFT Delhi and other big firms. During this internship, Rankethon mentors will engage you in the scope of IoT and provide you with in-depth learning on programming networks, software development, hardware design, and internet usage. Here you will learn to transform your ideas or even your dream to a real-life product on your own with an advanced level learning. You will also be working to integrate server to hardware device wirelessly over the internet in the innovation hub with the help of world class cutting edge technology.

Duration: 6 months

Location: Ludhiana

Stipend: ₹20,000 per month + ₹6,000 (incentives)

Deadline: 31 March 2019

Click here to apply for the internship.

3| IoT Internship By Ethna Attributes Soft Technologies Private Limited

About: The technology ecosystem at Ethna Attributes provides the quickest and most efficient path to deploy connected platforms as well as associated services. As an intern, the day-to-day responsibilities include working with the technology team to develop various IoT solutions, perform coding on Python, Raspberry Pi, Embedded Systems, and Arduino, contribute to GUI development, and other such.

Duration: 3 months

Location: Chennai

Stipend: ₹5,000 per month

Deadline: 23 March 2019

Click here to apply for the internship.

4| Internet of Things Internship By Global Technical Services

About: Global Technical Services (GTS) is a concept service providing company that specialises in providing technical services to the industry on lubrication. The selected interns will be working on embedded electronics, programming processors like ARM, working on wireless protocols like Zigbee, Lora or BLE along with PCB designing. There are 10 seats available for this internship.

Duration: 6 months

Location: Mumbai

Stipend: ₹5,000 per month

Deadline: 22 March 2019

Click here to apply for the internship

5| Nitroware Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

About: This is one of the professional software design and development companies situated in Coimbatore. The responsibilities of the intern include developing prototypes using Raspberry Pi as well as developing products using Arduino. Along with IoT, other internship domains include are web development(Java, PHP, Python, .Net), mobile app development on Android, HR (Recruitment) and digital marketing (SEO). The candidate must be a final year or pre-final year student and skills like knowledge of programming language such as C, C++ are required.

Duration: 1-6 months

Location: Coimbatore

Stipend: INR 3000 per month

Deadline: 21 March 2019

Click here to apply for the internship.



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