This Delhi-based Startup Is Driving Financial Inclusion With Their IoT Solution

In this digital world of devices, a startup called DataCultr is helping in increasing productivity and improving the lives of the users. The startup billed as the  Data As A Service Platform was incepted with a vision to make simple and intuitive products for the next billion people​ who will come on internet allowing them to experience the “power of internet & connected devices”. In other words, the startup, an enterprise IOT enablement platform that makes it easier for enterprises to drive 10x value from their IOT technology investments.

Curious Dose talked to DataCultr founders, Neel Juriasingani and Sujoy Ghosh to know more about the startup, their working, and their ambitions in the digital world.

How Did It All Start?

DataCultr started about two years ago and the founders come from a telecom background. Their experience and close association with telecommunication organisations helped them to understand the whole ecosystem and to understand what is lacking in the ecosystem. Armed with their experience, they started working on DataCultr. The whole idea behind the startup was to know how data and its features and values can be extracted to help in decision making and improving products and improving user experience for the customers. They were the first ones to come up with a solution called firmware OV  product, built for their customers in 2016-17, which was a complete software management solution. The whole concept was to understand how the Android OS works. That is how the team started and now they build messaging solutions where they can efficiently manage end-to-end communications for these smartphones, and helped them evolve into a telco market.

Team Size And Skillset

DataCultr is currently a team of 12 including the two founders, of which 9 work on the development end and building tech infrastructure or operation. The team codes in Python and GoLang. 

The team engages majorly in attending conferences and meeting people to reach out to potential customers. In spite of being a bootstrap startup, Datacultr ensures that they maintain separate environment for their development, testing and pre-production, so that there is enough compute available for different scenarios and environments to be able to deploy and adapt to.

Current Avatar Of DataCultr

DataCultr today has an out and out data stream network for real time lot messaging. What it means in other words is that they can connect any sensor, thing or connecte device via their platform to the enterprise and allow secure, bi-directional messaging and communication between sensors and the servers. This is where DataCultr comes in and manages the entire communication.

In a pivot to IoT, the startup also recently announced the launch of their IoT solution called ODYSSEY, a risk management solution for the financial sector. This solution is aimed at the financial sector with which banks, consumer finance leading and fintech companies can provide credit to underserved people, reducing their risk and NLPs.

Datacultr Data Stream Network enables secure bi-directional communication and management between sensors, devices, and the backend infrastructure and with the help of this, the team has put together all the building blocks of IoT on a common platform, making it faster for the enterprises to go to the market.

Use Cases

The startup has some use cases around digital homes. They manage the infrastructure around situations like how an enterprise talking to a smart box which is connected to various smart devices in the house. It essentially does the work on entire communication happening in such a house, which is primarily their communication infrastructure.

They also help in the bank sector. How they can build their own credit scores by paying on time and ensure that their EMIs are on time is essentially important. The idea is to help people understand how the credit system works. So there is a big component of educating the customer here but more importantly a user decides whether to go rogue or not.

Views On Budget 2019 Rural Industrialisation

On asked about the recent rural industrialisation and the government’s initiative to support startups, Neel said, “The government sector are doing a lot in terms of startup solutions for India, and is helping a lot of startups like ours to build and understand a lot of gaps and requirements’’

As any other startup, DataCultr also had their own set of challenges, right from acquiring good talent to managing our cost and resourcing. “The government is doing a lot of help for startups to grow and build, and a lot of startups are taking benefit of it in the form of some very interesting platforms and solutions,” he said.

Looking Forward

The main focus of the startup is to build a real enterprise world-class platform. They aim to have millions of devices on their platform, getting connected and being utilized by all kinds of enterprises, irrespective of their size. They also hope to be of help to the society through their work. With all its years of hardwork and expertise, DataCultr is sure to make a mark in the digital world.



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