Here’s How Organisations Can Make Data Centres Future-Proof

In this internet-driven era, the dependency of businesses across the globe on the internet is skyrocketing. Data over the years have evolved tremendously and so does data centres. Data centres play a major role in pushing organisations operations to a higher level — whether its transport, internet, telecommunications, entertainment, hospitals, banks etc., almost every vertical needs data centres.

If in case you don’t know what a data centre is, it is a facility that stores, manages, and disseminates data that is produced every single day. It might not be visible to everyone, but a data centre acts an organisations backbone. The more data gets created, the more vital data centres become, however, there lies challenges — today’s most of the data centres are clunky, inefficient, and outdated. And because of this, experts and organisations are becoming sceptical regarding the future of data centres.

In this article, we will have a look at factors that can help data centres survive in the future.

Businesses are expanding year by year and do their operations, and for that, it is becoming imperative for companies to have data centres that work at the top-notch level for years. In order to put down the scepticism surrounding the future existence of data centres, organisations need to reconsider their data centre trends.

  • Reasonable Power Resources

The location of a data centre plays a vital role; a data centre has to be at a place where it gets what it requires. Talking about energy, it is not much affordable to run a data centre that consumes a lot of energy. And for that, organisations should look for a place that has cheap power resources and also clean at the same time.

Nordic regions are becoming a go-to place for many organisations to set up data centres considering the region’s renewable energy, power supply, low energy prices, political stability and faster time-to-market primarily due to ease of doing business. Furthermore, according to a source, Investments in Nordic data centres are prophesied to double by 2025.

  • Fibre Connectivity

Over the years, data centres have come a long way. They are evolving and becoming more sophisticated, and to stay connected with the rest of the world that is becoming sophisticated too, data centres need to beat the bandwidth issue.

In order to solve that, Fiber connectivity has emerged. Compared to copper cables, Fiber optic cables can transfer data faster. Also, one of the best advantages of fibre connectivity is, while copper cable has a lifespan of 60-0 years, Fiber optic cables have almost an infinite lifespan.

  • Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC)

Software-defined data centre (SDDC) is a data centre where all infrastructure is virtualized and delivered as a service. But what is the advantage of virtualizing a data centre? The answer to that is things like computing, storage, and networking of a data centre can be abstracted and represented in a software form, which can later be used as a service to be used by others.

Software-defined networking (SDN) is a part of an SDDC and through the years, this concept has gained significant traction. SDN is considered to be one of the best ways to manage virtualization, save cost and provide faster service delivery.

  • Edge Computing

Having the ability to help enterprises to cope with several challenges, over the past couple of years, Edge computing has become quite popular. It is not only helping enterprises with data flow but also helping them overcome the challenges with data centres.

The whole concept of edge computing for data centres is to keep data close to the place where it was originated. How it would help? By analyzing the data where it is created, it would reduce the need to transfer data back and forth between centralized computing locations as it delays the decision-making process.

Edge computing is definitely one of the most sought after tech as it already has numerous use cases of dealing challenges with data.

Bottom Line

Having a data centre has become a must and the world is already moving towards it. However, over the last few years, the world has also witnessed some of the worst data centre fails and outages that have raised numerous questions about its future.  But again, humans are also quick when it comes to adopting new tech. Talking about the data centre, organisations across the world are working relentlessly to make the data centre more efficient for the future.

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