Is India Really Among The Top Countries In IoT Spending In Healthcare?

Year by year, technology is advancing at a rapid pace and with this, people are relying more and more on machines and gadgets.  Technology has evolved to such a level that today there are gadgets and devices that can do stuff which was earlier almost impossible to do.

Internet of Things (IoT) is one such technology that has gained incredible technology in the past few years. It is not something really new — IoT is about 2 decades old, however, today it is more advanced than ever. Today, a watch is not something we wear to check time, rather, it is something that even tracks our health and let us know about it. The transformation is just getting better and better with every passing year.

The Indian IoT Landscape

As Indian businesses are working aggressively to push IoT innovations forward. The nation has already planned more than 100 smart city initiatives, where the cities would be equipped with top-notch communication capabilities, which provides great opportunities for the entire nation make the most out of IoT.

Recently this year, in order to explore new, top IoT talents in India, Tata Communications in partnership with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), organised The Grand India IoT Innovation Challenge with the team ‘solutions that create a better society’.

That is not all, there are many other initiatives India has taken for IoT advancements in the nation. According to IDC Worldwide Semiannual Internet of Things Spending Guide, in 2018, India has become the third top spender in the APEJ region with US$19.6 billion. First place was bagged by China and 2nd by South Korea.

IoT in India is already working with several industries and verticals, however, there is one industry that is reaping out the significant benefits of this latest tech — Healthcare. Healthcare is one of the most progressive organisations and it is prophesied that IoT can give the industry its next competitive advantage.

The Use Of IoT In Healthcare Industry

When we look at the applications of IoT in healthcare, its tremendous. It not only benefits patients but also the doctors and hospitals. Whether it’s about derive valuable insights from data coming from monitors or helping the patient with assistance, IoT year by year is making a great impact on the healthcare industry.

Talking about IoT in the Indian healthcare industry, the nation is not lagging behind.  Smart healthcare has started to mark its presence in the Indian healthcare ecosystem. It is prophesied that Smart healthcare in India would make a great impact on the industry, improving the healthcare experience for both the patients and the doctors. In smart healthcare, IoT is playing a major role with some of the most advanced connected devices.

Cisco is one of the players that is working towards pushing smart healthcare to the next level. The networking hardware, telecommunications equipment provider has a product called Cisco patients to connect. The device is not but an advanced screen that let the patient keep a track of all information — from current status to prescription to food routine. That is not all, patients can even connect to doctors and family members through a video call.

Another example of IoT in healthcare is MediaTek Inc., the Indian subsidiary of MediaTek in collaboration with  Chainway India has introduced an IoT and cloud computing-based device. The device was built in such a way it can be connected through Wi-Fi or 4G network to check on information. Also, the device has a fingerprint sensor and a camera. Using this device Medical professionals can gather information about the patient’s history, medical administration records and other data.


Through the years, we have seen that IoT has the capability to address the challenges of accessibility, affordability and quality of care irrespective of the industry. Talking about the Indian IoT industry, the industry is definitely reaping benefits of IoT. Today, the landscape of the Indian IoT industry is transforming and with time, the industry will be equipped with more devices and techs.

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